Our History


The Guyana Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) was registered in 1967, succeeding the Guyana Light Industries Employers Association. In 2005, the Services sub-sector throughout Guyana was placed under the umbrella of the GMA when it was recognized that the provisions from this sub-sector were a natural complement to manufacturing. GMA then became the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA).

The Association has evolved through the decades into a fully fledged Business Support institution functioning as the bona fide liaison between the businesses involved in manufacturing and social and business services and the Government of Guyana. As such, GMSA maintains strong and effective relationships with other Private Sector business support organizations, government agencies, regional and international organizations and financing agencies.

The GMSA President is directly responsible for Government/Industry liaison, fund raising and development financing. Sub-Sector Committees or Technical working groups are also established to oversee and cater to the specific needs of members in their respective sectors. Submissions and reports from the heads of these groups/sectors form the basis for the development of policies, deployment of resources (financial, human, natural), internal and cross-border product marketing and market access, implementation of national and international standards, and for the conduct of research and feasibility studies that work for the benefit of members’ businesses and for industry as a whole.


  • Agriculture and Agro-processing
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Services
  • Fast Food production
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Forestry and Forest Products
  • Minerals and related industries

Work programmes from every sector are overseen by the Sub-Sector Co-ordinator.