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GMSA Annual Presentation Awards Dinner 2017

 The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) hosted its 25th awards ceremony and dinner at the Pegasus International Hotel on Friday, December 8th, 2017 and which was attended by over 200 business leaders and executives.

The event was addressed by President of the GMSA, Mr. Shyam Nokta, while the keynote address was delivered by British High Commissioner, Mr. Greg Quinn.

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-104

In addressing the attendees, the GMSA President, Shyam Nokta, spoke of the 2018 National Budgeted measures. He said the GMSA is pleased that some measures that were advocated for during the Ministerial Roundtable with Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, has been included in Budget 2018. Among those measures is in the forestry and wood processing sector, which included the exemption of VAT on logs and rough lumber as well as the budgetary allocation of 120 million dollars to commence a national forest inventory. In addition, recognition was given to the budgetary allocation of 50 million dollars to partner with private sector to establish a consolidated and dimensioned stockyard while the measures regarding imported pine were also welcome.

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-28

However, he noted that much more still needs to be done for the forestry sector to recover from its current decline and this requires a holistic approach. With regard to the wider manufacturing and services sector, Mr. Nokta pointed out that other important measures the association advocated for in areas critical to manufacturing and overall private sector growth have not been considered for 2018, especially regarding taxation, incentives and energy.

Turning his attention to the economy, Mr. Nokta alluded to the economy’s performance where actual GDP growth for 2017 was 2.9% compared with the 3.8% projected at the beginning of 2017. The overall growth rate projected in the manufacturing for 2018 is 2.4 percent, even as the sector experienced a marginal growth rate of 1.3% from a projected 1.9 for 2017 and according to Mr. Nokta, this is a bit ambitious, but nevertheless, he believes that the manufacturing sector will continue to hold its own and to show the resilience the sector is known for while at the same time recognizing that it should instead be able to catalyze a far greater contribution to the economy if critical issues area addressed.

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-20

The GMSA’s major highlights for 2017 include, the Ministerial Roundtable Discussions, which will continue in 2018 and Uncapped – its signature Agro-processors expo held in October and which saw over 60 exhibitors from across Guyana, showcasing their products over a period of 3 days. In making reference to Uncapped, Mr. Nokta said, “The event certainly demonstrated that the GMSA can take on an activity of such scale and magnitude and the over 4000 visitors who attended can attest to being awed by the range of products being produced locally and which many persons were unaware of. Awareness raising and networking were the principal objectives of the event and we believe this was achieved to a large extent.”

Mention was also made of the GMSAbusiness luncheons and discussions fora which allowed members and representatives of the private sector to listen to and interact with keynote speakers from important institutions (the GRA, GOINVEST, and the Food and Drug Department among others.

Organizationally, he noted that, efforts have also redoubled to involve and engage its membership through the improved functioning of key sector subcommittees, its monthly newsletters, and an improved and user friendly website. According to Mr. Nokta “no doubt, these have helped to raise the profile of the GMSA, to spark renewed interest among existing members, and to encourage new members. I am pleased to say that in 2017 we have welcomes 5 close to 10 new members. After not having an Executive Director for many years, we are currently in the process of recruiting one and this will make a big difference in strengthening the Secretariat and our ability to do more.”

In 2018, according to Mr. Nokta, the GMSA will up its focus on the Oil and Gas industry, while noting that a strong Local Content Framework is critical to ensuring that local businesses can be provided with the opportunity to participate in and benefit from this sector. However, he cautioned that Guyana needs to adopt a systematic approach and not be too prescriptive too early. He commended the work of the Centre for Business Development and DAI for the work they are doing while encouraging more GMSA members to take advantage of the orientation and training opportunities from the Centre.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner, Greg Quinn, in his feature address, warned that while Guyana pursues oil and gas, it should not lose focus of other sectors that contribute to the economy.


Mr. Quinn also noted that the UK Government has been working with local agencies to provide the information needed for Guyana to apply for marine stewardship council certification. He said, “That certification will allow Guyanese fishermen and seafood processing companies easier access to global markets and alongside such certification is to ensure proper food safety legislation in place thereby protecting the health of consumers.”

Speaking on the need to tackle corruption in all its forms, Mr. Quinn said, both the Government and the private sector must play its part. “The Government in cooperation with the Private sector has to do something to address this issue especially before oil revenue comes on stream. There are too many instances worldwide where oil revenues have not been spent in the way they should have been instead they have been diverted into pet projects and into people’s pockets. Guyana must avoid that.”

Speaking specifically on business development, Mr. Quinn said innovation must be encouraged for the country to continue to experience sustainable growth.

“One way of doing that is to make setting up of the operation of a business easier. The ease of doing business index suggest that there is still so much to be done on this. The Minister of Business is doing what he can to change but it calls for a collective effort, which includes the private sector, since they are the drivers of economic growth.”

Mr. Quinn explained that the public sector indeed has a role to play, but ultimately, the success of an economy isvery muchdependent on how well the private sector performs. He added that,“The Government cannot solve all the problems or make the private sector flourish, neither can the private sector do all of this by itself instead this needs to be a partnership between both sides for the benefit of all.”

Additionally, speaking on the alleged ban of Greenheart into the UK, he clarified that there is no such ban. He related that, “Instead, there is a process in place to ensure that whatever is imported is of an appropriate standard and from sustainable resources. I say there is no ban because Guyanese greenheart is already being exported to the UK, most notably from Iwokrama, under their forestry Standards Council Certification. That is the key point certification.”

He further encouraged continued and strengthened trade between the UK and Guyana and also took the opportunity to emphasis the UK Government’s support to democracy in Guyana.

The high point of the evening was the Presentation of Awards which was given to over 18 recipients, including members as well as non-members who would have made a significant contribution in 2017 to the manufacturing and services sectors.


National Milling Company of Guyana In recognition of the company’s Attaining food safety certification for International YUM brand to facilitate supply to KFC and Pizza Hut fast food franchise holders locally and regionally. Presented by: British High Commissioner, Gregory Quinn Received by: Mr. Bert Sukhai, Managing Director



GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-104

H.E. The Executive President of Guyana’s Award for Export Achievement Plympton Farms Significant export of a nontraditional product, processed pepper, into regional and international markets. Received by: Mr. Kapil Mohabir, Partner

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-103

“In recognition of your appreciation and support in fostering growth in the Forestry and Wood Products Sector” Presented by: Mr. Andrew Mendes Received By: Mr. Shyam Nokta, President GMSA

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-98

GMSA Forestry & Wood Products Sub-sector “In recognition of the Sector’s dedication and commitment in fostering growth in the Forestry & Wood Products Sector Presented by: Mr. Brian James, Executive Board Member GMSA Received by: Mr. Andre Cummings, Chairman GMSA Forestry & Wood Products Sector

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-96

Pandama Retreat & Winery In recognition of the company’s innovative use of nontraditional fruits in the production of exotic wines and by-products. Presented by: Ms. Nerissa Thornhill, Secretary/Accountant GMSA Received by: Warren Douglas

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-95

The Government Analysts-Food and Drugs Department In recognition of the agency’s Institutional support to local food & beverage Producers in their penetration of both local and regional markets Presented by: Mr. Clement Duncan, GMSA Board Executive Received by: Mr. Marlan Cole –Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-93

Mr. Arnon Adams In recognition of your contribution in providing significant spotlight on the local Manufacturing and Services sector over the past years. Presented by: Ms. Glenis Hodge, Chairman GMSA Services Sub-sector Received by: Mr. Arnon Adams

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-91

Guyana National Industrial Company Inc. In recognition of the company’s 40 years of sterling service to the maritime transport industry.

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-90

Brass Aluminium Cast Iron Foundry In recognition of the company’s versatile ability to evolve from traditional foundry and diversification into fabrication and construction. Presented by: Ms. Sophie Makenon, Country Representative IADB Received by: Mr. Peter Pompey – Managing Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-89

SS Natural Fruit Flavour In recognition of the pioneering spirit of an entrepreneur to produce local fruit flavoured barbeque sauces. Presented by: Mr. Clinton Williams, Past President GMSA Received by: Ms. Sandra Craig

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-87

Massy Gas Products (Guyana) Ltd. In recognition of the company’s domestic introduction of composite cooking gas cylinders thereby significantly supporting safety to end-users and handlers Received by: Mr. Hekima Paul, Senior Sales Manager

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-85

Fibre Tech Industrial Plastics In recognition of the company’s quality, range and uniqueness of its locally manufactured ‘fibre’ products Received by: Mr. Somat Ali, Managing Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-84

UMAMI Inc. In recognition of the company’s market penetration into the Dominica market and for its patriotic new line of labels featuring local landmarks. Presented by: Mr. Autamaram Lakeram, 3rd Vice President GMSA Received by: Mr. Chris Persaud – Managing Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-82

Precision CustomCarve a subsidiary of Bulkan Timber Works Inc. In recognition of introduction of new technology, CNC, to produce customized carvings on local woods thereby significantly adding value. Presented by: Mrs. Malisa Nokta Received by: Mr. Richie Ramnath – Plant Manager

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-80

Flexotech Inc. In recognition of the company’s critical role in providing flexible packaging support to the manufacturing sector. Presented by: Mr. Shyam Nokta, President GMSA Received by: Mr. Paulo Melo – Managing Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-77

Bounty Farm Ltd. In recognition of the company’s Attaining food safety certification for International YUM brand to facilitate supply to KFC and Pizza Hut fast food franchise holders locally and regionally. Presented by: Mr. Ramsey Ali, 1st Vice President GMSA Received by: Mr. David Fernandes – Assistant Managing Director

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-76

Sterling Products Limited In recognition of the company’s Attaining food safety certification for International YUM brand to facilitate supply to KFC and Pizza Hut fast food franchise holders locally and regionally. Presented by: Mr. Clinton Williams, Past President GMSA Received by: Mr. Anthony Ross, Quality Assurance Manager

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-109

Winner of Gold Earrings donated by L.Seepersaud Maraj & Sons Ltd.

GMSA Dinner _ Award Ceremony-113

Winner of 1 hamper donated by National Milling Company of Guyana

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-145

Winner of 1 Rocking Chair donated by Fibre Tech Industrial Plastics

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-132

Winner of 1 voucher valued at $20,000 donated by Modern Industries Ltd.

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-127

Lingerie donated by Denmor Garment Manufacturers

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-121

Winner of Hamper donated by The Guyana Shop

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-125

Winer of Hamper donated by Edward B. Beharry & Company Ltd.

GMSA Dinner & Award Ceremony-117

Winner of Trip to Kaiteur Falls donated by Roraima Airways Ltd.

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