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Abdool & Abdool Inc.

Address: 11 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana. P.O. Box 10570 Telephone: 592 226-9094, 592 225-3985 Fax: 592 225-8911 EMail: pabdool65@gmail.com, abdools@guyana.net.gy Website: None Contact Person: Peter… Read More

Aruwai Enterprise Inc.

Address: 50 Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-2097, 592-227-2987 Fax: 592-223-2091 EMail: cbrminingent@yahoo.com Website: None Contact Persons: Mrs. Nermala Baboolall – Director, Mr. Chunilall… Read More

Austin’s Book Store

Address: 190, Church Street, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 226-7350-7 Fax: 592 227-7396 EMail: austins@guyana.net.gy Website: None Contact Person: Lloyd Austin – Managing Director

Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc.

Address: South Railway Embankment C Project Dawn Compound Liliendaal East Coast Demerara Tel: 592-222-6927/28 Email: Louis.holder@pomeroonfoods.com Mr. Louis Holder Chairman/CEO/Finance… Read More

Abdool & Abdool Inc.

Address: 11 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana. P.O. Box 10570 Telephone: 592 226-9094, 592 225-3985 Fax: 592 225-8911

Amazon Caribbean

Address: 46 First Avenue, Subryanville Georgetown Tel: 226-2828, 226-5238 Email: jfg@amcarguyana.com Mr. Jean Francios-Gerin Managing Director

B.E.V Processors Inc.

Exporters of fish and prawns. Address: Area ‘K’ Houston, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-2111, 592 226-6573-8; 592 226-7173 Fax: 592 225-0015 EMail: bevgroup@ymail.com… Read More


Beepats is one of the leading distributors in Guyana that touches all parts of Guyana. Our products from our agencies… Read More

Beyond IT Solutions

Address: 23 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 603-1501, 592 223-0503 Fax: None EMail: info@beyond-it.com, mnur@beyond-it.sr Website: http://www.silver-trail.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beyond-IT-Solutions-Inc/223045407856306?ref=hl Contact Person: Jany Refos – Director, Muna Nur… Read More

Beharry Automotive Limited

Address: 191 Wellington & Charlotte Sts., L/t, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-2526, 592 227-1349 Fax: 592 225-0956 EMail: balparts@beharrygroup.com Website: http://www.beharrygroup.com/ Contact Person: Suresh Beharry –… Read More


Address: 18 North Road & Albert Streets Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592-227-3802, 592-220-1304 Fax: 592-226-8671 Email: mail@bakewellgy.com Website: http://bakewellgy.com/ Bread, Noodles… Read More

Bounty Farm Ltd.

Barima Avenue Bel Air Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592- 225-9311 /226-5877 Fax: 592-227-1032 Email: bounty@networksgy.com Food Products, Poultry Mr. Patrick De… Read More

B K International Inc.

Water Street Georgetown Tele: 592-226-5513/5 Fax: 592-226-5517 Email: bkinc@bkinc.biz briony@bkinc.gy btiwarie@hotmail.com Contractor, Concrete, Crushed Aggregates Mr. Brian Tiwarie, Managing Director… Read More

Barama Company Ltd.

Land of Caanon East Bank Demerara Tel: 592-225-4555, 592-227-4130 Fax: 592-266-5634 Email: mchand@baramagy.com Forestry Plywood & Sawn Lumber Mr. Clement… Read More

Bulkan Timber Works

65 Bel Air Estate Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592-261-3391 Fax: 592-225-7619, 261-3385 Email: hbulkan@networksgy.com Lumber, Shingles Mr. Howard Bulkan, Managing Director


Address: 96 Bonasika & Sheriff Streets, Campbellville, Georgetown Telephone: 592 225-5254 Fax: 592 225-5254 EMail: californiastuccogy@gmail.com Website: http://www.californiastuccogy.com/ Contact Person: Gregory Shaw – General Manager Category: Exterior… Read More

Camex Restaurant Inc.

Address: Parade Street, Fedex Building, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-4923, 592 231-8769 Fax: 592 231-8768 EMail: oodiyalove@yahoo.com Website: None Contact Person: Christine Bennette-Blair – Director of… Read More

C & V Caribbean Shipping Ltd.

110 Laluni Street Queenstown, Georgetown Tel: 592-227-1245 Fax: 592-227-3346 Email: Frankie@cvshipping.com Website: http://cvshipping.com/ River Shipping Agency, representing Worldwide Carriers Mr…. Read More


Address: 61 Fifth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-6056/7 Fax: 592 223-8479 EMail: djss@guyana.net.gy Contact Person: Lucia Loretta Desir – Director


Address: 40 Robb Street, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana. P.O. Box  10848 Telephone: 592 231-3224/592 226-7723 Fax: 592 225-6309 EMail: seearanad@yahoo.com Contact Person: Seearam Dabicharran – Director

Didco Trading Company Limited

Address: Ramp Road, Ruimveldt, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-1994, 592 225-2475, 592 225-8837 Fax: 592 225-2316 EMail: didcokfc@didcokfc.com, chionpro@hotmail.com Website: http://didcokfc.com/ Contact Person: Deonarine Singh… Read More

Digital Technology

Address: 20 Public Road, Diamond, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 265-2932/3 Fax: 592 265-2933 EMail: info@digitaltechnology.gy Website: http://stores.digitaltechnology.gy/ Contact Person: Terrence Sukhu – Chief Executive… Read More


Address: 7-9 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana Telephone: 592 225-8123; 223-0100 Fax: None EMail: dil5825@yahoo.com  Website: None Contact Person: Dilip Murjani – Proprietor

Deorga Business Enterprise

Address: Lot 159 Granville Park, BV, ECD, Guyana. Telephone: 592 621-8975, 592 335-3394 Fax: None EMail: vishnudoerga@gcci.gy Website: None Contact Person: Vishnu Doegra – Director

Excel Minerals Inc.

Address: 138 Light & Sixth Streets, Alberttown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone:592 231-1701 Fax: 592 223-7967 EMail: bpinkey2000@hotmail.com Website: http://www.dome-group.com/ Contact Person: Sursattie Bholaramsingh – Director, Luiz… Read More

Exim Trade Guyana Incorporated

Address: 212 D’ Andrade Street, Newtown, Georgetown Telephone: 592 231-9100; 592 227-2244 Fax: None EMail: None Website: None Contact Person: Sri C. Yoogeandra – Managing Director

First Global Money (Guyana) Inc.

Address: Lot 230 Camp Street, Lacytown, Georgetown Telephone: 592 223-7929 Fax: None EMail: bram@firstglobalmoney.com Website: None Contact Person: Bobita Ram – Vice President

Game Xpress

Address: 25 North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-8902 Fax: 592 231-3627 EMail: gamexpress2005@yahoo.com Website: None Contact Person: Audie Henriques – Proprietor


Address: 87 Collingswood Venue, Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown Telephone: 592-233-6355; 655-4445; 673-7713 Fax: None EMail: info@geotechvision.com Website: http://www.techvisionenterprise.com/ Contact Person: Valrie Grant – Managing… Read More

GIO Tech

Address: 64 Middle & Main Streets, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 226-0378/0397/231-8749/50 Fax: None EMail: nirvana@giotechco.com, giovanni@giotechco.com Website: http://www.giotechco.com/ Contact Person: Nirvana Mahase, Giovanni Charles –… Read More

Green Trade Imports Inc.

Address: 13 North Road & Wellington Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-6006 Fax: 592 227-5137 EMail: gizmosandgadgets03@yahoo.com Website: None Contact Person: Ravi Mangar – Director


Our business was officially launched in February of 2007 under the name “GxMedia”, a service provider that offer a range… Read More

Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry

Address: High & Young Street, P.O. Box 10280 Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 231- 4400-8 Fax: 592 231- 4411 EMail: mgmtsecty@gbtibank.com Website: http://www.gbtibank.com/ Contact Person: John Tracy… Read More

The Guyana Jazz Festival Foundation Inc.

Address: 258 David Street. Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana. P.O Box 10770 Telephone: 592 231-9967 Fax: 592 227-0799 EMail: latoya@guyanajazz.com Website: http://www.guyanajazz.com/ Contact Person: Latoya Warner – Assistant

Guyana Oil Company

Address: 166 Waterloo Street, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-1595-8 Fax: 592 225-2320 EMail: akadir@guyoil.com Website: http://guyoil.com/ Contact Person: Abdool Kadir – Administrative/Company Secretary

Guyana Power & Light

Address: 40 Main Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-4618/67408/62601-8 Fax: 592 227-1978 EMail: bharat.dindyal@gplinc.com Website: http://gplinc.com/ Contact Person: Bharat Dindiyal – Chief Executive Officer

Guyana Publication Inc.

Address: 46-47 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 226-2406, 592 227-8527 Fax: 592 226-3237 EMail: accounts@stabroeknews.com Website: http://www.stabroeknews.com Contact Person: Shaleeza Khan – Company Secretary

Guyana Quickbooks & Bind Advisors Inc.

Address: 23 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-0503, 592 603-1501 Fax: None EMail: info@quickstartcaribbean.com, muna@quickstartcaribbean.com Website: None Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/QuickbindBook?ref=hl Contact Person: Sidney Theedora – Director, Muna Nur –… Read More


Address: 149 Crown Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592  227-7757 Fax: None EMail: impressionsgy@live.com Website: http://www.impressionsgy.com/ Contact Person: Patrick Sukhlal – Chief Executive Officer

International Recruiters

Address: 195 F Camp Street, Georgetown, Guyana Telephone: 592 654-3825/679-0170 Fax: None EMail: ewan.internationalrecruiters@gmail.com Website: http://www.internationalrecruiters.com/ Contact Person: Ewan Shanks – Managing Director


Address: 38 Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-3444 Fax: 592 227-3460 EMail: japarts_terry@hotmail.com Website: None Contact Person: Terry Singh – Chief Executive Officer

John Lewis Styles

JOHN LEWIS STYLES was opened in October 2003 offering both men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories. It’s mission statement is to offer… Read More

Jus Water

Cowan Street Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana Tel/Fax: 592-225-5172 592-225-3768 Email: vickram@networksgy.com Filtered Water Mr. Vickram Ouditt, Managing Director

Kaizen Environmental Services (Guyana) Inc.

Address: 263 Earl’s Avenue, Subryanville, Georgetown, Guyana Telephone: 592 231-0348/592 621-8975/868 653-9231 Fax: None EMail: inquiries@kaizen-tt.com Website: http://www.kaizen-tt.com/ Contact Person: Douglas De Freitas – Director

Kanhai’s Guyana Electrical Agency

Address: 146 Regent Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-2200 Fax: 592 227-8652 EMail: kamkan@bbgy.com Website: None Contact Person: Kamal Kanhai – Managing Director

Kojac Marketing Agency

KOJAC Marketing Agency has over 26 years of experience in the Office Equipment, Furniture, School Supplies andPrinting Supplies Industry and represent the World’s Leading Manufacturer’s of… Read More

Lasedel Consultancy International

Address: 254 Thomas Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown Telephone: 592 225-7154 Fax: None EMail: qwent35@gmail.com Website: None Contact Person: Sean Dublin – Customs Broker


Address: 136 Sheriff & 4th Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-1511, 592 227-2486 Fax: 592 226-3750 EMail: hrambharose@aol.com Website: None Contact Person: Indranie Rambharose –… Read More

Lenray’s Investments

Address: 53 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-0886-8, 592-227-2623 Fax: None EMail: allseasonsracing@live.com Website: None Contact Persons: Raymond Alli

Machinery Corporation of Guyana Ltd.

Address: Lot Providence, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone:592 265-2518 Fax: 592 265-4885 EMail: anita@macorpgy.com Website: http://macorpgy.com/ Contact Person: Anita Rampersaud-Sawh – Finance Administrative Officer


Address: 186-187 Charlotte Street, Lacytown, Georgetown Telephone: 592 226-1306/ 592-226-1482 Fax: 592 227-2417 EMail: john.permaul@maricshonda.com Website: http://www.maricshonda.com/ Contact Person: John Permaul – Managing Director

Massay Gas Products

Eccles Old Road East Bank Demerara Guyana Tel: 592-233-2728 Fax: 592-233-2664 Email: admin@docolgy.com gsowdagar@docolgy.net Industrial Gas, Welding Accessories & Air… Read More

Modern Industries Ltd.

Industrial Site Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592-225-0006 /226-9385 Fax: 592-227-5265 Email: kissoon@networksgy.com Website: www.kissoonfurniture.com Furniture, Wood Products Mr. Hemraj Kissoon, CEO… Read More


NEW GPC INC. is the Caribbean’s oldest and largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and O.T.C drugs.  The company’s roots date back… Read More

The New Guyana School

Address: Lot NGS, Houston Gradens, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-2135 Fax: None EMail: director@newguyanaschool.com Website: http://www.newguyanaschool.com Contact Person: Alfonso DeArmas

New Thriving Chinese Restaurant

Address: 32 Main Street, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-0038 Fax: 592 225-1752 EMail: newthriving@hotmail.com Website: None Contact Person: Qiyuan Zaang – General Manager

Nowmail Package-Postal Services

Address: Lot  Howes Street, Charlestown, Georgetown Telephone: 592 223-1788; 592 223-3951 Fax: None EMail: nppsteam@aol.com Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NowMail-Postal-Services/343682775731845?fref=ts Contact Person: Colin Goodluck – Managing Director

NT Computeac

Address: 175 Middle Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223 7442 Fax:592 223-7443 EMail: sales@ntcomputeac.com Website: http://www.ntcomputeac.com Contact Person: Natasha Sweatnham – Marketing Manager

Pegasus Hotel Guyana

Address: Old Road, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-8176 Fax: 592 225-8176 EMail: robert.badal@pegasushotelguyana.com Website: http://pegasushotelguyana.com/ Contact Person: Robert Badal – Managing Director

Pomeroon Oil Mill Inc.

Address: 16 Mudlot Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-5273-4 Fax: 592 223-5266 EMail: pom-oil@networksgy.com Website: None Contact Person: Adron Alphonso – Chief Executive Officer


Address: 177 Alexander Street, Lacytown, Georgetown Telephone: 592 227-7765 Fax: 592 225-0394 EMail: nirmal_gy@yahoo.com Website: http://www.gaico.com/ Contact Person: Mr. Nirmal Sukhram – Manager

Princess Hotel Guyana

Address: Track ‘BS’ Block 2 Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 265-7001-30 Fax: 592 265-7002 EMail: info@princesshotelguyana.com Website: http://www.princesshotelcasino.com/ Contact Person: Muharrem Kulekci – General… Read More


Address: 3864-3865 Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana Telephone: 592 218-1695 Fax: None EMail: rawled4bm@gmail.com Website: None Contact Person: Rawle Dundas – Director

Pomeroon Oil Mill

16 Mudlot Kingston Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592-223-5273 Fax: 592-223-4376 Email: pom-oil@networksgy.com Website: www.pom-oilmills.com Edible Oil (coconut, Vegetable) Mr. Alfro Alphonso,… Read More

RAMPS Logistics Guyana Inc.

Address: 23 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetwon Telephone: 1-868-620-2525/592 686-2349 Fax: None EMail: alyssa.hosein@rampslogistics.com Website: www.rampslogistics.com Contact Person: Alyssa Hosein – Director


Rent-A-Tent provides full service… 24/7…Countrywide. Rent-A-Tent with its Headquarters in Rahaman’s Park, Houston caters to a growing list of religious,… Read More

Roraima Airways Limited

Address: R8 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-9647 Fax: 592 225-9646 EMail: rriops@hotmail.com Website: http://www.roraimaairways.com Contact Person: Captain Gerald Gouveia – Managing… Read More

Rubis West Indies Ltd.

Ramsburg Providence, East Bank Demerara Tel: 592-265 -7373 Email: j.johnson@rubis-caribbean.com Mr. Mauricio Nicolas – Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ricardo Milford-… Read More

Shoeworld Guyana Limited

Address: 128 Industrial Estate, Coldingen, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 270-5216-17 Fax: 592 270-5218 EMail: shoeworldguyanaltd@networksgy.com Website: None Contact Person: R. Ramdin – Director

SPR Enterprises

Address: 45 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 223-5699 Fax: 592 223-5687 EMail: sprebtal@yahoo.com Website: None Contact Person: Scotty Ramroop – Proprietor

Starr Computers Inc.

Address: 59 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-4846, 592 223-7773 Fax: 592 223-5687 EMail: stargygroup@yahoo.com Website: http://starrcomputers.com/ Contact Person: Rehman Majeed – Managing Director

Safeway Security

Address: 153 Oronoque & Regent Streets, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-6465, 592 227-6473 Fax: 592 227-6249 EMail: md@safewaysecuritygy.com Website: http://safewaysecuritygy.com/ Contact Person: Eon Caesar –… Read More


Address: 37 West Public Road, Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. Telephone: 592 266-5656 Fax: 592 266-5656 EMail: rraghubansee@tradelinc.com Website: http://tradelinc.com/ Contact Person: Rodney Raghubansee… Read More

TCL Guyana Incorporated

Address: GNIC Compound, 2-9 Lombard Street, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 225-7520 Fax: 592 225-7347 EMail: markb@tclgroup.com Website: None Contact Person: Mark A. Bender – Plant Manager

Texila American University (TAU)

Address: Critchlow College Campus, Woolford Avenue, Thomaslands, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 231-8118 Fax: 592 231-8118 EMail: info@tauedu.org Website: http://www.tauedu.org/ Contact Person: Saju Bhaskar – Chief Executive… Read More

Think Engine Energy Services Company

Address: 244 Lamaha Street Georgetown Tel: 592-226-0320 Cel: 592-656-3460 Email: alfredbhulai@thinkengineesco.com alfredbhulai@yahoo.com Website: http://thinkengineesco.com/ Mr. Alfred Bhulai – Manager/Principal

Unicomer Guyana Inc.

Address: 25-26 Main Street, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-8750, 592 225-5886 Fax: 592 227-8751 EMail: dlgymarketing@unicomer.com Website: http://www.unicomer.com Contact Person: Molly Hassan – Director of Marketing

U Mobile (Cellular) Inc.

Address: 56 High Street, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 690-0000 Fax: None EMail: Guy_ccfrontoffice@digicelgroup.com Website: http://www.digicelguyana.com Contact Person: Gregory Dean – Chief Executive Officer


342 Cummings Street Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 220-9117 Email: cpersaud@umamiltd.com Website: http://www.umamiltd.com/ Sauces Condiments Mr. Chanchal Persaud, Director

West Indian Sports Complex

Address: 43 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-3870 Fax: 592 227-3841 EMail: wisports@networksgy.com Website: None Contact Person: Feroze Khan – Managing Director

Xetech Enterprise

Address: 76 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana Telephone: 592 225-1306/592 600-8800 Fax: None EMail: xetechonline@gmail.com Website: www.xetechonline.com Contact Person: Sigmund Husbands – Director

Ze Scribe Plus

Address: 3 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: 592 227-8304, 592 226-2324 Fax: None EMail: zescribe@gmail.com Website: None Contact Person: Marlon Talfie – Manager