Membership with GMSA

Benefits of Membership

  • Every member benefits from strong lobbying on new and existing issues affecting his/her business at Governmental and Diplomatic levels.
  • Every member is able to access technical assistance programmes
  • Every member is eligible to participate in local and, or international trade and product promotions
  • GMSA will utilize its resources to facilitate enhancement of the technical skills of employees through training
  • GMSA will enhance your company’s access to advancing information technology
  • GMSA will position your company to attract investment and exploit the export market.


How do you join?

  • Uplift an application from the GMSA Secretariat at 157 Waterloo St., North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, telephone or email a request for a copy of the application.
  • Complete and return it to the Secretariat by post or email accompanied by a copy of your company’s certificate of registration.
  • Your company will then be contacted by the Secretariat confirming receipt and to inform about approval.
  • Fees are applied according to the categorization as set out in the application and notes.  Your company will be invoiced and upon payment you will be formally admitted into this reputable organization.


Download the membership form